26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Miha Mohorič

country: Slovenia
phone: +38641350482
profession: Director, Producer
institution: Sagar Kolektiv
attending: 24. 10. 2021 - 30. 10. 2021
SagarKolektiv doesn’t believe in borders, therefore is constantly testing how far it can go to move them. Focusing on stories of people who don’t have a possibility to speak for themselves, we follow the individuals everywhere; to places where hidden is revealed, where unheard is heard and where unspoken is now told. Stories take us from Sahara Desert to Siberian Taiga, from Middle Eastern monasteries to Roman villages, all the way to crisis areas, both at home and around the world. Sagar Kolektiv broadens the horizons of its creativity and operation through fruitful international cooperation, while never stop forgetting about the people.
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