28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Anna Stránská

country: Czech Republic
phone: +420 724 367 728
profession: Producer, Festival Representative
institution: Freelancer
attending: 24. 10. 2023 - 29. 10. 2023
Anna is a cultural arts manager who has recently ventured into film production (“The Prison of History”). She has held the position of intendant at HaDivadlo, a theater known for its progressive dramaturgy, for several years. Additionally, Anna is an integral member of the Summer Film School Uh. Hradiště Festival team, where she serves as the head of the Guest Service department and is dedicated to enhancing the festivalgoers’ “user experience”. She views cultural institutions as vital spaces within civil society and a platform for informal education. Her extensive experience in avant-garde theater has honed her expertise in the field of “cultural marketing”, a skill she continues to develop. As an independent freelancer Anna also works as an idea maker and strategy consultant.
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