26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Carmen Torres

phone: +34609493618
profession: Director
institution: Walden
attending: -
WALDEN (www.e-walden.org) is a place of creation and thought dedicated to documentary practice. Its hybrid nature makes it a place of encounter, whose forms of production and transmission are intertwined and constantly transforming and adapting. Our aim is that what we do does not cease to be a path of discovery concerning creation and life. We created the space in 2017, but its activity is rooted in almost 20 years of experience in documentary teaching and consulting and 16 years at the head of the production company Playtime. From where we produced titles of international scope like "Cuchillo de Palo", Renate Costa, "Oleg y las raras artes" Andrés Duque or more recently "Amanecer" Carmen Torres. Walden is based in Barcelona; however, we work internationally with a focus on Iberoamerica
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