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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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In the time of coronavirus, a global pandemic, and the ongoing climate crisis, we are acutely aware that events unfolding in a distant part of the globe can affect the lives of us all. At the same time, by way of our current existence, we are entering into a complex network of global relationships and planetary processes that we, as individuals, can barely fully encompass. As we learn to think about our roles as planetary citizens, we are confronted with the social tendencies that accompany the radical transformation of the world. This mainly refers to our loss of trust in government institutions and political representation, as well as the defeatist attitudes of certain groups of people that come as a result. As societies, we have not learnt how to speak properly about the many processes that are absolutely crucial for our future, let alone how to influence their course democratically. We could say that we are living in an interregnum, in which the social infrastructures as we know them are crumbling beneath our feet, and we must now try to find a new and legitimate embedding in which we can recognise the nature of our current situation and shape the future.

While in this interregnum, we wish the Inspiration Forum to be a platform that not only raises more questions than it offers answers, but also one that helps all those involved to be active citizens and actors of inevitable change. A unifying theme of this year's forum is hope in the power of imagination, through which we, as societies and as individuals, can actively contribute to the new shape of our world. We ask how we can get a handle on the present challenges in a responsible manner so that we can make a shift towards a geopolitically, socially, and ecologically more just future. At the same time, we would like to establish an interdisciplinary and inclusive perspective that can allow us to point out that in the planetary era, seemingly unrelated events are, in fact, related and that we are intrinsically affected by processes that transcend civilisation and humankind.

Immerse yourself into a condensed form of thinking about the present and future state of the world on the following pages, each dedicated to one topic. In addition to a detailed programme, this year on the forum's website includes thoughts of our guests and reading lists.


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