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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Equality often appears to us as an ideologised ideal, the pursuit of which can threaten our freedom by “commands from above”. In fact, the idea of equality is many centuries older than Jesus as it appeared in the Code of Hammurabi as early as around 1700 BC. Gradually, as human thinking evolved, equality became a prerequisite of freedom. Today, almost four millennia after the first concept of equality and human rights, the work is still far from complete. There is no way we can talk about equality if we think of the unequal position of men and women, the situation of many ethnic groups, social classes and generations. Moreover, with the technological boom, social change and the climate crisis, new and, until recently, unrecognised forms of discrimination are emerging. We can accept them as a matter of course. But if we care about social reconciliation, equality is still one of the greatest challenges of our future.

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