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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Nature can be perceived as a useful source of virtually everything that humans need. However, as we have seen and have been able to measure with increasing sensitivity over the past decades, this approach has various negative consequences for both of the involved parties. Shouldn’t we rethink our attitude, our perception and consideration of the world around us? If we admit that non-human creatures, too, dispose of special means of communication and forms of interconnection and become aware of the more-than-human living world, we can make a key step towards establishing a new relationship and reconsidering the way we coexist. Humans are irreversibly dependent on nature despite all the conveniences of the technosphere, but the reverse is not true. Recognizing the subtle intricacies of nature’s complexity and our physical interconnectedness can not only inspire’s intellectual and emotional relationships, but also their sustainable and non-exploitative way of coexistence – crucial for the survival of humankind on this planet.

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