26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The last election campaign again ignored the serious problems our society is facing. Election debates didn’t discuss challenges of the climate crisis, the increasingly inadequate education system, or equality that would allow all to live well. The House of Commons has found its new members for the upcoming four years, and the real work is ahead. What issues should the newly elected representatives urgently address? And what decisions should we make first, so that we do not become a periphery of a world that won’t be waiting for us?

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6:30–⁠7:30 PM
What Next in Schools and the Education System?
Panel discussion

Our education system is still mostly meeting only the needs of the fading industrial era. The teaching style and content is not yet reflecting the world in which the ability and willingness to learn continuously, to interconnect fields of human activity, to have empathy for others and to navigate the world of digital technologies are paramount. A world that is full of challenges and requires many novel solutions. What should we ask of the newly elected political representatives?

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6:30–⁠7:30 PM
Advancement of Human Rights and Equality
Panel discussion

Many recent events, including the last elections in Czechia (and elsewhere), have revealed how shaky social peace is. The lowest common denominator of social conflict is poverty, together with unequal opportunities affecting many social groups that are less likely to exercise their rights, live with dignity and enjoy social recognition. Since these are essential preconditions for social cohesion, we will try to formulate what actions should newly elected politicians be asked to take.

Guests: Tomáš Feřtek, Ivana Málková, Petra Mazancová
Moderated by: Lukáš Senft

The panel discussion "Advancement of Human Rights and Equality" is realized in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation Prague.

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6:30–⁠7:30 PM
How to Approach Environmental Challenges?
Panel discussion

The election campaign gave the impression that the climate crisis was a marginal problem that a few careful phrases would solve. Despite the global environmental crisis, incoming politicians have shown little willingness to seriously address the transformation of industry, agriculture and many other related areas. How to get them to rethink their approach?

Guests: Klára Bělíčková, Jan Freidingere, Katarina Ruschková
Moderated by: Lukáš Senft

The panel discussion "How to Approach Environmental Challenges?" is realized in cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation Prague.

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