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The notion of home seems to be becoming very problematic, both in terms of access to housing and in the sense of inhabiting the state as such. A growing number of people are having difficulty finding economically sustainable housing, and on a more general level, more and more of us are finding it difficult to maintain dignity as citizens, be it in terms of inalienable social rights, the position on the labour market or face to face with state authorities. What can we do about this at the municipal level and how do those who would like to take residence at the Prague Castle for the next presidential term think about inhabiting the state?

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October 25

4:00–5:30 PM
Jihlava’s housing revolution
Panel discussion on participatory housing

Mortgages are becoming unaffordable, rental housing is being taken over by investment funds, energy prices are soaring, and green developments are expensive. Can housing ever again become affordable and sustainable? In conjunction with an interdisciplinary research team of social scientists and architects, the City of Jihlava is looking for participatory opportunities for its residents – to prepare a project plan, establish an association or cooperative, jointly finance the construction, and to share the equipment and space. The discussion on the possibilities of participatory housing in Jihlava will focus on the city’s planned activities and will also present data on the preferences and needs of the residents of Czech cities in terms of cooperation and sharing.

Panelists: Petr Kubala, Kateřina Nekolová, David Tichý, Vít Zeman
Moderator: Táňa Zabloudilová

In collaboration with Participatory Housing, which was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic under the Environment for Life programme.

This program will be available in Czech only.

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6:00–7:30 PM
Why me?
Panel discussion with presidential candidates on how they plan to improve the lives of all citizens

There are many people who would want to become the president. But in climatically, economically and socially fraught times, the decorative function of the highest office of state should not be the key. The president has the power to influence the social atmosphere and the nature of the country’s governance. How do the invited presidential candidates approach the challenges posed by our immediate future? How do they intend to address the burning problems of poverty and inequality, our collapsing environment, and the growing social conflict in a hopefully soon-to-be post-war Europe? What will they do to ensure a good life in the Czech Republic for its citizens?

Guests: Pavel Fischer, Marek Hilšer, Karel Janeček, Danuše Nerudová, Josef Středula
Moderators: Ivo Bystřičan, Karolína Koubová

This program will be available in Czech only.

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8:30–10:00 PM
Bottom left: Do we need a president?
Discussion about the purpose of the presidential office

The direct presidential election, its progress and circumstances made the question about the purpose of the presidency even more topical. The privileges, honors, and symbolism associated with the function may remind us of high inherited offices. This relic was to be overcome by establishing the presidency in the early republics. Is there still a need for a figure like the president to represent the state internally and externally, in addition to the roles of the government? And would any change in the conception of this function correspond to the current state? How should the presidency be redefined so that it would meet the needs of contemporary society?

Guest: Anna Shavit
Moderators: Václav Dolejší, Lucie Stuchlíková

In collaboration with Seznam Zprávy news portal.

This program will be available in Czech only.

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