27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Plants and animals inevitably grow. Is economic growth also an inevitable condition for good living? The idea of degrowth does not merely mean the opposite of growth. It highlights quality of life indicators other than the economic ones and points to the importance of social justice and environmental consequences. Unlimited economic growth has led the world into a climate crisis and is hitting planetary limits in terms of resources. We will explore growth from the perspective of ecology, economics and politics, but also in relation to our cultural practice and personal life. Is degrowth compatible with the business world and how can cultural institutions and the film industry operate using its principles? And what about capitalism?

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October 28

10:00–11:00 AM
People vs. GDP
The inner world of Šárka Zahálková

Culture is nowadays under big pressure to perform (in economic terms). Is it possible to take a different course in such conditions? Šárka Zahálková will present ten degrowth practices in cultural institutions, based on the values of cooperation instead of competition, or the care for oneself, others and nature instead of exhausting oneself to the bone.

Guest: Šárka Zahálková

This program will be available in Czech only.

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12:00–13:30 PM
Feet on the ground
Panel discussion about the quality of life without economic growth

The increasing quality of life has become synonymous with economic growth. But how else to define a good life? What would a prosperous society look like in times without a rising GDP curve, and could the welfare state exist in such circumstances? The discussion will, among other things, revolve around the question of how to maintain hope for a (better) future in a time of climate crisis, while keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

Guests: Shaun Chamberlin, Miki Kashtan, Max Koch*, Emma Quayle
Moderator: Tadeáš Žďárský

*Shaun Chamberlin will join live from the UK, Max Koch will join live from Sweden.

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2:30–4:00 PM
Fifty years later
Keynote and conversation about economy that fits the Earth

This year, the sixth of the nine so-called planetary limits has been crossed. Fifty years ago, a team of scientists led by Dennis and Donella H. Meadows warned of the false conception of infinite growth on a finite planet in their publication Limits to Growth, or the "Club of Rome Report." In their study, using computer modeling of the behavior of human societies and economies, they predicted the depletion of key resources and the limits of human exploitation of nature. Have their predictions come true? What has changed in society and the economy since then? How do we understand limits as such and how do we perceive life within them?

Guest: Giorgos Kallis*
Moderator: Josef Patočka

*Giorgos Kallis will join live from Greece

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5:00–6:30 PM
Not for profit
Opening speech and discussion about ecological economics

The main business goal is to maximize profit – or isn't it? What changes do we need to make in our economies to make businesses work for the benefit of our planet and the people? Using practical examples, the discussion will focus on the relationship between business and ecology, the circular economy and not-for-profit companies. On various scales, our guests will present existing technological and social innovations and solutions for a sustainable economy and talk about how and where they have proven efficient, and what, if anything, prevents their use.

Guests: Jennifer Hinton*, Cyril Klepek, Michaela Linda Thomas
Moderator: Eva Fraňková

*Jennifer Hinton will join live from Sweden.

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7:00–8:00 PM
Inspiration Forum LAB
Presentation of art research projects

Inspiration forum LAB is an interdisciplinary research programme providing a space for collaboration between artists and scientists. The first year fellows will present research-based multimedia projects that reflect on environmental issues: Guadiana In Four Movements, an audiovisual work exploring the current state and future scenarios of development in the area of the Guadiana Estuary. Mutual Core, a case story of the energy transformation from fossil to renewable resources and from capitalism to green capitalism, which presents a visualization of the limits of imagining our future. Fertiliser Rehab, a speculative installation exploring the rehabilitation of plants in a time without synthetic fertilizers.

With the support of the European Cultural Foundation.

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8:30–10:00 PM
New audiovision
Panel discussion about the conditions and conception of filmmaking

The film industry is dealing with the climate crisis in various wals: through green filmmaking, efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of film production, or planet placement (including environmental facts and themes directly into film works). Are these tools sufficient, or is there a need to fundamentally change the way we think about filmmaking itself? Is it possible to apply degrowth principles to the actual operation of the film industry, creation, production, and distribution? What would they look like and what tools does the state have in its hands?

Guests: Helena Bendová, Andrea Culková, Jan Hanzlík, Marek Hovorka, Přemysl Martinek, Michaela Rýgrová

With the support of Creative Europe Desks.

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Programme block “STOP / What would happen if we stopped the growth” is organized with the support of the Czech Centers.  


Images can speak louder than words. Check out our selection of films from the Ji.hlava IDFF’s festival programme.

GUADIANA IN FOUR MOVEMENTS (Portugal, 2022, Burak Korkmaz, Pedro Figueiredo Neto)
INVISIBLE LANDSCAPES (Czech Republic, 2022, Ivo Bystřičan)
MATTER OUT OF PLACE (Austria, 2022, Nikolaus Geyrhalter)
MIX ONE AND TWO (Philippines, 1990, Roxlee)
TO THE END (United States, 2022, Rachel Lears)
YOYOGI (Estonia, Belarus, Japan, 2022, Max Golomidov

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