27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Digital archive of IF

The Forum's programme is inspired by global ideas as well as local everyday activism. We are interested in a diverse mosaic of life experiences and therefore also give space to voices that do not normally get media attention. Thus, in a selection of the best recordings of debates, interviews and lectures from past editions of the Forum, you will find a wide range of perspectives on issues that move the world today.

IF 2022 Digital Archive

The edition's programme focused on the events in Ukraine, society moving online, the limits to growth, what happens when we put the brakes on growth and also freedoms that are often still only on paper.

IF 2021 Digital Archive

The 2021 Forum focused on mental health, equality and inequality, how digital technologies can help create a more just and fair world, the relationship between humans and nature, and the post-election challenges for the Czech Republic in the online programme.

You can also find all the recordings on the YouTube channel of the Ji.hlava IDFF.

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