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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Inspiration Forum 2020

Cool Africa, Women and religion, Agri-culture, In the rhythm of algorithms...

Inspiration Forum 2019 Topics

God & Co. | Church In an Accelerated World

The Catholic Church, an institution that for centuries was a driving force in society, is undergoing turbulent times. There are radical diff erences between liberal and conservative schools of thought, and the Church is struggling with a decline in the number of believers and with internal conflicts. Where is this divided institution headed, and what will the Church and faith look like in the third millennium? What are the greatest challenges it must face? How will it reflect changes in society, new models of living, and the mixing of cultures?

Films: The Calling, At home, walking, On the Moon, Luna, and Their Reflection, My God Never Dies


Woman in Change | Inspiration for the Third Millennium

The status of women in Western civilization changed significantly over the course of the 20th century. Nevertheless, in most of the world today, they still do not enjoy equality, equal opportunities, and a level playing field. And yet, we can see the signs of women everywhere. How is our world changing as we move closer to the ideal of gender equality? How is it influencing business, industry, politics, education, and healthcare? In what kind of a world will men and women live in the future and how will they function in it?

Films: Untouchable, Searching Eva, A Moon for My Father, IN MY SKINMarie, Ayka, Liquid Mother Love


Re:democracy | New Models for the Future

How are democracies changing today? What threats do democratic systems face, what new challenges must they deal with, and what should we be prepared for in the future? What technological, economic, and social influences can we expect, and how will they affect citizens’ share of power? Do they deserve the democratic reforms necessitated by a changing world? What should they look like?

Films: The Circle, Passion - Between Revolt and Resignation, Communism and the Net or The End of Representative DemocracyVision 2000, The State Capture, Where the Land Ends, The Judge over the Czech Way


Climategeddon | How to Make Politicians Act

According to many experts, greenhouse gas emissions are being reduced at too slow rate to avoid new climate crises. Should individuals reduce consumption in order to lower their ecological footprint? Or would that be pointless without comprehensive global steps by the world’s largest actors? What changes do we need in politics, industry, agriculture, and the lifestyle of each and every one of us? What role can we play in the global use of resources?

Films: Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, FREMSea of Shadows, Earth, The Pit, Don't give up: Climatic prisoners, Diagnosis: Environmental Grief


How Not to Be Afraid? | State of the World and the Effective Role of the Individual

Catastrophic scenarios are a part of our everyday lives. The end of the world, environmental catastrophes, fake news, resource wars, terrorism. Fear can be paralyzing. How can we transform fear and apathy into active civic life? In these difficult times, how can we avoid being paralyzed by apocalyptic visions and instead act consciously, effectively, and without fear? What can each of us – journalists and politicians – do to transform the public?

Films: Paradise on Earth, The CaveLittle Germans, The Good Terrorist


Made in China | From Confucius to Xi Jinping

What are contemporary China and Chinese society like? From Confucianism to a reformed Chinese state that, according to its leaders, serves the interests of ordinary people but, according to its critics, serves the interests of the ruling class. What is it like to live in a country that, in the past four decades, has become the second strongest world economy, has become a leader in the field of technology, is expanding into nearly every area at home and abroad, and has quickly implemented effective methods for the automated surveillance of society? What defines China’s boom and which groups of inhabitants have benefited from it? Can we talk about China as a totalitarian regime? Might the Chinese approach to running society make inroads into our world? How should we view China today?

Films: Pelicular Pig 2.0Present. Perfect., Shendy Wu: a Diary, Cablestreet, Tomáš Etzler: Heaven, Made by Me: China

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