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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Inspiration Forum

Climageddon, The Changing Woman, Re:Democracy, God & Co., Made in China – and most of all: How Not To Be Afraid. These are the main topics covered by this year’s Inspiration Forum organised under the banner of the twenty-third Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival. Make sure your last weekend in October will be dedicated to the “festival of thought”.

Inspiration Forum

Inspiration Forum is a discussion platform based on physical encounters and sharing common space as valued experience in an era of instant electronic communication. Over six days, the Inspiration Forum covers six topics that are considered as a breakthrough in present-day societies. The ensuing debates, discussions, and lectures focus on dealing with new phenomena, thinking through fundamental contexts, leading dialogue and joint instigation of new topics in documentary cinema and in all other creative fields.

Forum links various facets of human activities and specializations for the sake of building multidisciplinary character without which complex problems of today’s world would remain incomprehensible.

6 days, 6 topics

Read more about the topics and the guests of this year's edition of the Inspiration Forum HERE.


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