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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Kristof Bilsen

Year of birth: 1979 | Country: Belgium

Kristof Bilsen

Kristof did his Masters in Documentary Direction at the National Film and Television School (UK). As a director/producer, he regularly teaches and gives workshops on documentary research, storytelling and production. He also started WoodsDoc, a community documentary cinema based in Antwerp. He is an IDFA Academy and EURODOC graduate. Elephant’s dream, a feature documentary he directed and coproduced, screened at festivals worldwide and received various awards. It is available on Netflix.


Elephant's Dream, directed by Kristof Bilsen, 75 min, Belgium/United Kingdom, 2014; director/producer
The Perfect Belgian, directed by Kristof Bilsen, 34 min, Belgium, 2010; director/producer
Parallel Lives, directed by Kristof Bilsen, 34 min, United Kingdom/Belgium, 2010; director/producer
Three Women, directed by Kristof Bilsen, Daniel Billiet, 50 min, Belgium, 2005; co-director/producer

Projects in development

Flux, in production. Pomm works in Tailand with Europeans who are afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease, while she tries to sort her own life as a struggling single mother.
The Perfect Family, in development. A film about people who are filling the gaps in our ever unfinished social lives, about those who are happy to play some of the roles we cannot fulfill.

Production Company

Name: Limerick Films
Address: Callensstraat 27, 2600 Antwerp, Belgium
Contact number: +32486896486

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