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23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Laura Collado

Year of birth: 1973 | Country: Spain

Laura Collado

With a degree in journalism, Laura moved from entertainment TV to documentary with production company JWP, where she produced Life from others for TVC. With Andoliado Producciones, she worked on La Casa and gained MEDIA support for Yorgos. She founded Trueday Films in 2013. Constructing Albert (2017) which premiered at San Sebastian, Palm Springs, SXSW and Hot Docs amongst other great festivals and is being distributed internationally has been her directorial debut.


Life from Others, directed by Justin Webster, 56 min, Spain, 2012; producer and researcher. A story about the Spanish transplant system shot in Spain, Iran and Germany and where we lived strong moments of life and death.
Constructing Albert, directed by Laura Collado and Jim Loomis, 82 min, Spain/Estonia, 2017; co-director, producer and executive producer. This has been so far the hardest and most rewarding film. An exploration on the personal story of a top creative chef, it took 5 years in the making.

Projects in development

Letters Through the Wall, in development. A new take on the long-lasting conflict between Palestine and Israel through the life of a Gazan writer exiled in Barcelona and his friendship with the Israeli poet who helped him escape. Premiering in late 2020.
The Treasure Fleet, in development. A historical and entertaining look at the Spanish Treasure Fleet, the naval system Spain set up to protect their American treasures from pirates in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Production Company

Name: Trueday Films
Address: Passeig Font de la Mulassa 1 int, 08032 Barcelona, Spain
Contact number: +34 687718920

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