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23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Lelde Prūse

Year of birth: 1989 | Country: Latvia

Lelde Prūse

Lelde Prūse studied Cultural management and sociology. As a film producer, she is among the founders of the new and up-and-coming film production company Woodpecker Pictures. The company has produced a range of short and TV documentaries as well as short fiction and is currently working on its first fiction feature film. As a freelance producer, Lelde has collaborated with other local film companies, worked with documentary theatre and produces Conversation festival LAMPA.


Under the Upturned Moon, directed by Kārlis Lesiņš, 85 min, Latvia, 2018; executive producer
Exporters of Revolution, directed by Kārlis Lesiņš, 50 min, Latvia, 2017; producer
Eliyahu Rips: The Burning, directed by Jānis Putniņš, 55 min, Latvia, 2016; executive producer

Projects in development

The Despair, directed by Kārlis Lesiņš, feature fiction, in post-production, planned release in 2019. Incapable of dealing with crisis in his personal life, Gatis moves back to his childhood home, where he begins seeing his dead parents, who try to help their son.
The Move, directed by Kārlis Lesiņš, docu-fiction, in post-production, planned release in autumn 2018. Exploring the phenomenon of young professionals moving from the capital to the small town of Cēsis in search of an alternative lifestyle.

Production Company

Name: Woodpecker Pictures
Address: Zemaišu street 1/3-8, Riga, LV-1002, Latvia
Contact number: +371 26466509

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