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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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How to watch movies online

How to watch movies online
How long will the films be available to watch?
Live streams
How to gain access to the Ji.hlava INDUSTRY LIVE platform


How to watch movies online

The festival programme features over 280 film titles, which you can watch with a valid accreditation on the territory of the Czech Republic.

NOTE: Viewers outside the territory of the Czech Republic can watch selection of over 80 festival competition titles at DAFilms.com VOD portal. No accreditation is needed, you just pay 2–4 EUR per streaming. The first films will be accessible on Tuesday, 27/10 at 2PM.

If you have already acquired your accreditation, you will receive your login information and the instruction how to register by morning 27/10. You will then enter your login and password HERE. If you buy the accreditation during the festival days (from 8AM till 11PM), you will receive your login information within 60 minutes after the transaction.

Upon signing in, you will instantly unlock access to films that are currently available to stream online.

You can watch the film directly on the film's page. The first few films will become available on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 from 2:00 PM, with more films gradually to be released every single day from 27 October until 1 November.

You can find the film release schedule HERE.

You can find all films divided to competition and non-competition sections HERE.

How long will the films be available to watch?

With a few exceptions, each film will be made available for registered viewers to watch for up to seven days after the film’s initial release date. Most films have an unlimited number of plays. However, for a select number of movies, the total number of views is limited by the copyright owners – you will also see this information listed in the film tab. Once a movie with limited access has run out of views, it will no longer be available for online playback (even before the seven-day limit expires).

Live streams
accessible worldwide

Live streams — including all-day broadcasts from Ji.hlava's Lighthouse, discussions in the Inspiration Forum, Ji.hlava for Kids, the Offscreen program, film discussions and more — will be made available to all visitors of the website without restrictions and without having to log in. You can find an overview of the live streams here.

Czech profile of Ji.hlava IDFF at Facebook
● English profile of Ji.hlava IDFF at Facebook
● Inspiration Forum at Facebook
Festival Youtube Channel
Inspiration Forum Youtube Channel
● Website www.ji-hlava.com

How to gain access to the Ji.hlava INDUSTRY LIVE platform
accessible worldwide

Ji.hlava INDUSTRY LIVE program is accessible to all accredited film professionals with Industry and Industry PLUS accreditation. Here you will find a complete overview of the events of the INDUSTRY LIVE program. Throughout the festival, both recordings of all events of the Ji.hlava Industry program as well as selected live streams will be available here. The entire Ji.hlava INDUSTRY LIVE program will be available until 15 November 2020.

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