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23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Main programme sections of 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF

Main programme sections of 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF

Main Competition Sections

Opus Bonum selects the best noteworthy documentaries representing diverse trends from around the world. All films are significant and so the festival offers the following game: one juror picks one glowing work.

First Lights presents first feature-length documentaries by international filmmakers, with the aim of highlighting the search for new forms and the changing nature of subjects and styles. The presented films have the ambition of becoming a voice in the struggle for freedom and the meaning of documentary film.

Between the Seas is a competition section for the countries and nations of Central and Eastern Europe, including their historical, political, and cultural interrelationships.

Czech Joy is not only a prestigious competition for the best Czech documentary, but also a celebration of the diverse range of new topics and the adventurous spirit of cinematic epxression.

Short Joy presents a competition selection of the best documentary shorts – consummate works exploring the possibilities and strenghts of documentary film within a limited time framework.

Experimental competition

Fascinations is a large factory for experimental filmmaking that takes films based on reality and strips them of all that weighs them down, thus significantly expanding the possibilities of filmic expression.

Exprmntl.cz is a competition survey of the latest Czech experimental films that touch upon reality and never cease in their search for new ways of expressing reality through classical and digital film.


A Testimony on Politics creates space in which voices and visions overlap with images and rhythms, the urgency of the content with formal intransigence. A competition section screening this year’s most important political documentaries.

A Testimony on Knowledge is a competition section offering a new definition of scientific documentary. The boundaries of human knowledge, the boundaries of the portrayable – and the possibilities of crossing them.

A Testimony on Nature is a competition section featuring this year’s documentaries that hold conversations on the creation and destruction, on threats and challenges, about man as part of and as a mortal enemy of nature, all through the refined medium of film.

Non-competition Sections

Other programme sections present the current events on the Czech and international documentary scene, Reality.tv focuses on non-traditional TV reality shows, Doc-fi explores the boundary between documentary and fiction filmmaking, numerous Master Classes provide the opportunity to discuss the principles of filmmaking work with remarkable authors, and Translucent Beings bring retrospective profiles of prominent filmmakers.


Complete film programme of the 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF will be announced two weeks before its start.

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