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22nd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

ji-hlava dok cdf

Inspiration Forum

INSPIRATION FORUM offers a space for discussion and sharing of inspirational ideas about the contemporary world. Over the course of six days, the audience will be able to engage in debates, discussions, and lectures, explore new phenomena and lead a dialogue with prominent personalities from outside the film world. Together they will initiate new topics in documentary film.

6 days – 6 topics

  • October 25th: Faith and Religion
  • October 26th: Future of Journalism
  • October 27th: Education for the Future
  • October 28th: The Left in Crisis
  • October 29th: Central Europe and Its Identity
  • October 30th: AI and New Technologies

The programme is divided into sections that will every day accompany the participants from their morning coffee with the lighter Inner World to an evening meeting with outstanding personalities in the Open Class.
THE INNER WORLD will allow audience to travel through the internal landscape of artists, writers, musicians and other inspiring public personalities in ten short segments.

PERSONALITY introduces outstanding figures prominent in their fields and their remarkable ideas, which significantly influence the world around us, using the unconventional presentation/debate format.

TOPIC is a panel focusing on global and local topics dealing with essential questions of the future, new phenomena, contexts and key social issues, where the panellists and audiences identify potential risks and create possible solutions, with emphasis on dialogue and mutual inspiration.

In OPEN CLASS moderated by Marek Hovorka a Filip Remunda the audience will meet significant world personalities, who are an inspiration for documentary filmmakers and festival audiences alike.

The individual parts of the programme will conclude with a short five-minute dramaturgy summary, in which Czech and foreign dramaturges will summarize the potential of individual themes for documentary and fiction films immediately after the programme.

Inspiration Forum 2018 guests

Milena Bartlová, Vladimír Burjan, Federico Díaz, Martin Fendrych, Ladislav Heryán, Karel Janeček, Charlotta Kotíková, Alžběta Krausová, Neal Lawson, Jonathan Ledgard, Robert Misik, Emiliana Rodríguez Morales, Szilárd István Pap, Josef Pazderka, Michal Pěchouček, Daniel Prokop, Aleksandra Przegalinska, Martin C. Putna, Agata Pyzik, Jacques Rupnik, Ján Simkanič, Kateřina Smejkalová, Vladimír Špidla, John Tusa, Alena Wagnerová and others