26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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An I for an I

An I for an I

director: Lawrence Andrews
original title: An I for an I
country: United States
year: 1987
running time: 19 min.


Violence committed against Black Americans is not a phenomenon in itself but is rather linked to a number of pathologies that are evident on a global scale, be it environmental destruction, social inequality, or economic injustice. This video bricolage radically translates audio tracks, written texts, and both “stolen” and variously modified images – thus, presenting a physical and emotional experience from the position of a victim subject to brute force, together with the deliberate eradication of media coverage content. The depiction of violence is becoming an inseparable and gloomy recurring motif of our tragic existence on this planet.


Lawrence Andrews (1964) lives in San Francisco. Throughout his work, he has been particularly focused on working with images, be it photography or video, that are linked to themes of racism and institutionalised violence. In recent years, he has shifted away from his originally performative projects exhibited in galleries and museums in favour of a cinematic aesthetic that can take the form of traditional narration or a documentary production.

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director: Lawrence Andrews
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