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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Accreditations for Ji.hlava Online*

*only for viewers registered in Czech Republic
(information for viewers outside Czech Republic here)

The Ji.hlava IDFF goes online and that is why we have decided to leave the price of the accreditation to your discretion. The minimum amount is 350 CZK – the same as the reduced price in our spring pre-sale. We would appreciate if you could contribute more, thus supporting both the authors of the films in the festival programme and the festival itself. 60 % of each amount paid will this year go directly to filmmakers. The obtained funds will be distributed fairly according to the viewing figures for each film. In addition to films, the festival pass will enable you to enjoy those accompanying programme features that will go online.

Accreditations for Ji.hlava Online*

The online festival will take place on October 27 – November 8, 2020.

Upon the start of the festival you will receive an e-mail with access information to the exclusive part of our website. Each day, we will publish festival films (270 in total) in the form of online streams available for:

1/ Unlimited number of views.
2/ Until reaching the limit set by the license holder for selected films.
3/ No more than seven days from the publication of the film.
4/ Streams will be published continuously over the course of the fastival according to a time schedule released before the festival starts.
5/ The festival will take place on October 27 – November 8, 2020.
6/ Access to films online will only be available for registered users in the Czech Republic.
7/ Viewers outside the Czech Republic will be able to watch the film programme using DAFilms.com (2–4 EUR per streaming).


To get your accreditation, go to your Visitor Page profile HERE.*

* If you are not registered in our database, please fill in the basic identification data and create a password. Registration will facilitate communication with the Ji.hlava IDFF and your account will be kept for the purposes of the following festival editions. The basic registration will enable you to open the ACCREDITATIONS form.


Industry accreditations
PRESS accreditations 


Payments are only possible online using our payment gate (direct transfer from your bank account or payment card).


Previously purchased accreditations remain valid. If you have already bought your festival pass and paid over 350 CZK, you can ask for a refund of a part of what you paid on top of the minimum price (350 CZK) by sending an e-mail to ji.hlava.online@ji-hlava.cz

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