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26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Accommodation for visitors

25th Ji.hlava IDFF / October 26–31, 2021

From October 25, reservation and payment for accommodation takes place only on the spot at the Accreditations center for visitors at the Horácké Theater Café (Komenského 22).


  • 350 CZK per person per night
  • two / three-bed rooms with bathrooms
  • for hygienic reasons, it is possible to rent the entire room only; individual beds will not be rented

– shared kitchenette with appliances (refrigerator, electric kettle, microwave oven, stove)
– regular shuttle bus (DKO – Třešť Dormitory – DKO) will be provided for the accredited guests free of charge (the bus will be in operation from early morning till late night so the guest will be able to attend all the film projections)
– check-in 4.30 PM / check-out 9.30 AM

Třešť dormitory is fully booked at this moment.


  • 180 CZK per night
  • 800 CZK for the entire festival duration

– maximum capacity is limited to 8 visitors per one classroom
– shared bathrooms and showers in the school building
– the school building entry has 24 hr security service

School classrooms are fully booked at this moment.


  • 120 CZK per night
  • 500 CZK for the entire festival duration

– shared bathrooms and showers in the school building
– the school building entry has 24 hr security service
– some of the gymnasiums will have a limited amount of sleeping mats available. We are however not able to guarantee their availability for all. Please make sure you have your own sleeping mats.

Collection of voucher

Please pick up your accommodation voucher at the accreditation / accommodation desk in Horácké divadlo Jihlava at the day of your arrival until 6 PM. Alternatively, you can contact us at +420 776 443 844.

Important notice: The accommodation services will not be available to individuals with any symptoms of COVID-19. The visitors will be required to meet at least one of the conditions described in the O-N-T system: Vaccination – Past disease – Test.

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