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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Media and Documentary

Film criticism and other texts about contemporary documentary film require that their authors possess a particular set of knowledge and skills. Not only should they be good at writing, but they must also be capable of thinking about film critically and in the broadest possible context. Well-written reviews and analyses of documentary film are an important tool for its further development, and often become the subject of greater discussion in society.

Media and Documentary

For the 12th time in its history, the festival offers students of journalism, film studies and other fields in the humanities a chance to improve their writing under the guidance of leading Czech journalists, critics and theorists, who will guide the seminar’s participants in learning to see documentary film from many different angles, subject it to analysis, and find and formulate arguments that best support the main theses of their texts. Lectures by foreign speakers explore other subjects related to the representation of documentary film in the media and give participants insight into the international context of film journalism.

As part of the seminar, students attend the festival itself as well. They follow the festival’s goings-on and work intensively on their texts, which they later analyse in small groups. The seminar can also be attended as an elected course as part of the student’s university studies.

Seminar participants receive free PRESS accreditation and are offered space in low-budget festival accommodations (which the students pay for themselves).


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