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23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

ji-hlava dok cdf

competition sections

Opus Bonum

Opus Bonum is a competition section for the documentary films from all around the world, with the price for the Best World Documentary Film.

First Lights

First Lights is a competition section for the debut feature lengt documentary film from all around the world, with the price for the Best Documentary Debut Film.

Between the Seas

Between the Seas is a competition section for the Central and East European directors, with the price for the Best Central and Eastern European Documentary Film.

Between the Seas: Student Film Competition

The most significant student films from the Eastern and Central Europe. *Current Time TV is the partner of this competition section.

Czech Joy

Czech Joy is not only a prestigious competition for the best Czech documentary, but also a celebration of the diverse range of new topics and the adventurous spirit of cinematic epxression.


Fascinations is a prestigious section for experimental documentaries from all around the world, with the price for the Best Experimental Documentary Film.

Fascinations: Exprmntl.cz

Exprmntl.cz is a competition survey of the latest Czech experimental films that touch upon reality and never cease in their search for new ways of expressing reality through classical and digital film.

Short Joy

Short Joy is a selection of documentary shorts, with the price for the Best Short Documentary Film. Watch all films online at DAFilms.com and pick the Winner!

A Testimony on Politics

A Testimony on Politics creates space in which voices and visions overlap with images and rhythms, the urgency of the content with formal intransigence. A competition section screening this year’s most important political documentaries.

A Testimony on Nature

A Testimony on Nature is a competition section featuring this year’s documentaries that hold conversations on the creation and destruction, on threats and challenges, about man as part of and as a mortal enemy of nature, all through the refined medium of film.

A Testimony on Knowledge

A Testimony on Knowledge is a competition section offering a new definition of scientific documentary. The boundaries of human knowledge, the boundaries of the portrayable – and the possibilities of crossing them.

non-competition sections

Special Event

Exceptional cinema events that guide us through a deep and critical reflection of the meanders of lived life in an unparalleled manner.


A comprehensive look at the documentary methods, creative decisions, styles, and cinematic thinking of exceptional documentary filmmakers.

Siren Test

The section dedicated to music/sound in contemporary progressive cinematography.

Conference Fascinations

A retrospective look at the little known subject of Europe’s experimental tradition. This year, we look at the cinematic crystallization of time in both subtle and radical experimental films shot by Baltic filmmakers during the Soviet occupation.

Reality TV

Reality TV opens viewers’ eyes to new television formats and presents the full range of current forms of crossover genres such as docudrama, docusoap, reality show, and mockumentary.

Doc Alliance Selection

Doc Alliance Selection is the result of an international partnership including the Czech Republic (Jihlava), Denmark (Copenhagen), France (Marseille), Germany (Leipzig), Poland (Warsaw), Portugal (Lisbon) and Switzerland (Nyon). In each country, the project presents three selected films in order to showcase current trends in documentary film.

FAMU Presents

FAMU presents a selection of the most remarkable documentaries that have been produced over the past year in various academy departments.

Czech Television Documentaries

Czech Television continues with screenings of its documentary films that have proved highly popular at previous editions of the festival, offering not just its co-production films included in competition sections but also 26 films from current production that will be presented at Horácké divadlo.

My Street Films

During the five years of its existence, My Street Films has established itself as a major educational project that inspires interested members of the public to make short films, thereby sharing in the creation of a unique memory of our cities – online audiovisual maps mystreet-films.cz.

transparent landscapes / retrospectives

offscreen program

Virtual Reality

VR cinema will screen 360° films, their tone ranging from popularscience to strictly poetic or lyric, which use a documentary approach, animation or actors to depict both current stories and topics and historical insights. You can immerse yourself into the depths of oceans and space, but also into a fl eeting space painted in watercolors or a spirited changing animation portraying the fi ght of the feminist movement at the beginning of the 20th century, hear both beautiful and thrilling stories from all corners of the world and fl y through fragments of cities, memories or culturally-distant rituals. The installations allow you to explore worlds which embrace the viewer›s movement and allow them to infl uence what they discover and perceive. VR zone is located on the ground floor of DKO and was supported by GO360 and Brainz.

Game Zone

Even though a separate category of documentary games is not theoretically defi ned, many games refer to reality, use real stories, data and situations or portray the workings of social institutions and structures. These are the games the game zone has been following for four years. Serious games, simulations, adventure games, RPG – we explore the ways diff erent genres highlight serious topics: for instance the life in a totalitarian society, the construction of a sustainable environment, the sources and spreading of false news. There is also a “slow game”, a game that can be played only once, visually elaborate and attractive games or games ingeniously using music. Most of them are short and can be fi nished in several minutes or in four hours so that visitors can have a go at several games. The Game Zone was supported by Asus, Genesis, X-Gamer and X-Diablo and can be found on the ground floor of the Horácké Theater.


Laboratorium, the now-traditional exhibition part of the Fascinations experimental film section, offers video installations of eorks that can be entered into in various points of their duration and can therefore be seen several times. Laboratorim is located in the foyer of the DKO 1.
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