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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A comprehensive look at the documentary methods, creative decisions, styles, and cinematic thinking of exceptional documentary filmmakers.

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A filmmaker and globetrotter of Austrian origin, Hubert Sauper has been involved in film since the late 1980s. His documentary films have won dozens of prestigious awards all around the world, and he was even nominated for an Oscar for his 2004 film, Darwin's Nightmare. Throughout his films, which often have strong socio-political overtones, he tackles issues of globalization and its impact, (neo)colonialism, propaganda, power demagoguery and its influence on the common man. At first glance, Sauper's imagery captures a great deal of empathy and the documentarist’s own interest in his protagonists, all with a poetic visual style and a well thought out, internal montage. In his masterclass, he will focus mainly on his latest film Epicentro – which you can view as part of this year's festival programme – and his observative documentary method that he has remained faithful too for many years.   The masterclass is organised in cooperation with Creative Europe Desk CZ- MEDIA.  
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Masterclass: Hubert Sauper

Hubert Sauper
90 min.
section: Masterclass
Director Roberto Minervini, originally from Italy, currently lives in the United States, where he explores American rural life and the fringes of southern society. In his work, he attempts to reveal the truth through the dramatization of reality and blurring the boundaries between documentary and feature film, between reality and narrative fiction. Minervini's films function as intimate portraits of individuals, as well as sociological studies in which he often focuses on economic injustice, racism and dysfunctional family relationships. He creates his films out of personal need and at the same time perceives them as a political project that helps him understand life in American society.  
personal program

Masterclass: Roberto Minervini

Roberto Minervini
90 min.
section: Masterclass
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