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26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Lydia Lunch – The War Is Never Over
Lydia Lunch – The War Is Never Over

Lydia Lunch – The War Is Never Over

director: Beth B
original title: Lydia Lunch – The War Is Never Over
country: United States
year: 2019
running time: 78 min.


How to turn trauma into meticulous and angsty feminist rock? A captivating portrait of a post-punk poetess shows the close connection between radical creations and the utopian expectations of social change. The film brilliantly explores the straightforwardness of Lydia Lunch, who’s not afraid to talk about her childhood experiences with sexual abuse.

Intorduction from the director Beth B:


Beth B (1955) is a director of avant-garde, documentary and feature films. In the 1970s and 1980s, she and her husband Scott B were associated with the avant-garde No Wave scene. Her films include Salvation! Have You Said Your Prayers Today? (1987), Two Small Bodies (1993) and Exposed (2013). In her work, she deals with redefining the concepts associated with the body and mind and female issues.

more about film

director: Beth B
cast: Lydia Lunch, Nicolas Jaar, Thurston Moore, Donita Sparks, Kembra Pfahler, Jim Thirlwell, Ron Athey, Carlo McCormick, Richard Kern, Jim Sclavunos, Bob Bert, Weasel Walter, Tim Dahl
producer: Beth B
photography: Peter Gordon
editing: Beth B
koproducent: Kathleen Fox
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