26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Prague Baroque

Prague Baroque

director: Karol Plicka
original title: Prager Barock
country: Czechoslovakia
year: 1943
running time: 13 min.


Plicka's yielding to the concept of the Nazi cultural film is recalled by a film shot for the cultural department of Prag-Film, which celebrates the beauty of Prague as a city constructed exclusively by German and Italian architects. The film was released with a German commentary and music by a German composer.


Slovak Institute is the partner of the section Translucent Being: Karol Plicka.


Karol Plicka (1894–1987) was a famous Slovak-Czech photographer, folklorist, filmmaker and collector of moments, ethnographer, cameraman, director, music scientist and pedagogue, violin virtuoso and professor, co-founder of the Prague FAMU film school (1946), admirer of nature and traditional folk work, and admirer of architecture and folk crafts. Plicka’s films have been awarded at festivals in Italy (Florence, Venice) and his photography books and songbooks are still collectible today. Karol Plicka was a personality who still inspires and motivates enthusiasm for the culture of our ancestors.

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director: Karol Plicka
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