27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Pavlína Fichta Čierna

country: Slovakia
profession: Director, Other
institution: University of Ostrava
attending: 26. 10. 2023 - 29. 10. 2023
Pavlína Fichta Čierna moves in the field of media art and videofilm. She uses a specific interface of private and public spheres, her method is often empathy and dialogue. Fichta studied at the AFAD in Bratislava, in the following years she worked in several positions in the field of cultural life and art universities. He currently teaches at the University of Ostrava. In 2002 she received the Oskár Čepan Award, in 2005 the LOOP in Barcelona, in 2010 the Short Films by Women in NYC. Her works are reflected on the international scene and are part of collections such as MACBA in Barcelona, MOT in Tokyo or Slovak National Gallery.
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