26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Adam Slesicki

country: Poland
profession: Producer, Film Institution Representative
institution: DOC LAB POLAND / Wladyslaw Slesicki Film Foundation
attending: 25. 10. 2021 - 29. 10. 2021
DOC LAB POLAND is the biggest in Poland program for development, consultation, presentation and promotion of documentary films. The main events organized in partnership with KFF are pitchings: Docs To Start and Gocs To Go! as well as the only in Poland coproduction market, CEDOC MARKET. There have been over 150 documentary projects participating in the main program since 2015 (ca. 60 have been made so far) and over 180 additional producer taking part in the Market. All these events are organized by the Wladyslaw Slesicki Film Foundation, established in 2014. The Foundation runs many other programs such as courses for film directors and producers or film reviews. In March 2018 DOC LAB POLAND was awarded with the EDN Prize for outstanding contribution to the European documentary culture.
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