28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Gathering About How to Create a World Together Where Life is Good?

An open discussion on the pressing issues of the contemporary world will conclude the five-day Inspiration Forum programme and, for the first time ever, it will break from its traditional form. Each of the visitors and attendees will be given the opportunity to suggest a topic they would like to talk about - people achieve the best results when they have the space to engage with things they are genuinely interested in. Topics that  garner the most interest will be chosen and developed in further discussion. Thus, the three-hour meeting facilitated by experienced lecturers and tutors from the NGO NaZemi will connect festival-goers, performers and the Jihlava’s general public with different experiences and from the different areas, disciplines and positions they occupy in public space, leading them to talk, think and develop practical solutions together, which will act as the glue between ideas and actions to solve shared crises.

Veronika Ambrozy, Petra Frühbauerová, Kristýna Hrubanová, Lukáš Pokorný, Dan Vykoukal 

In collaboration with NaZemi.

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