28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Circulus Viciosus

Circulus Viciosus

director: Michael Bielický
original title: Circulus Viciosus
country: Germany
year: 1985
running time: 4 min.


In one of his first video studies, Bielický explores the physical limits of video representation. He separates bodily movements into several monitors or lets them be deconstructed through rapid editing and the disruption of the video signal, creating a peculiar type of video-body.


Michael Bielický is a Prague native who has lived in Germany since 1969. He belongs to the generation of visual artists from the 1980s who adopted video as their medium. He has created single-channel works, installations, and video sculptures that make use of a television signal. His artistic conception combines information technology with magic, Kabbalah, and the history of cinema. In 1991 he co-founded the School of New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, which he led until 2006. He is now a professor and the head of the Department of New Media at HfG Karlsruhe.

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director: Michael Bielický
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