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Duet for Cannibals
Duet for Cannibals
Duet for Cannibals

Duet for Cannibals

director: Susan Sontag
original title: Duett för kannibaler
country: Sweden
year: 1969
running time: 105 min.


"What is a partner relationship? Is it a relationship between two people or can it also be a relationship between several couples? What is its formal and psychological basis? In Duet for Cannibals, two young people are psychologically devoured by an older married couple. They might be in a sadomasochistic relationship – cruel and at the same time compassionate." On the backdrop of life in political exile, a psychological story of a relationship between two couples unfolds. Young Tomas is hired by expatriate Dr. Bauer and gradually drawn into a murky game. The first draft of the script was written in Stockholm in August 1968 and in May 1969, the film was already screened at the Cannes festival. First, the dialogue and the visual style were created. The second draft of the script dated September 1968 already contained set descriptions. In October and November, a six-week shoot took place in Stockholm. The film was edited in February and March 1969. Despite omitting some scenes, Sontag managed to portray the emotional state of the characters as she had intended.


Susan Sontag (1933–2004) was an influential American essayist, journalist, novelist, director, and an advocate of human rights and female emancipation. To this day, her multifaceted activities are an impressive testament to the renaissance personality of this significant woman of modern history. She first gained prominence thanks to her 1964 Notes on "Camp". Her works published in Czech translation include the On Photography book of essays, Under the Sign of Saturn, Regarding the Pain of Others and the novel The Volcano Lover. Nevertheless, her interest in film is present in all her works.

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director: Susan Sontag
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