28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Feminism WTF
Feminism WTF
Feminism WTF
Feminism WTF
Feminism WTF
Feminism WTF
Feminism WTF

Feminism WTF

director: Katharina Mückstein
original title: Feminism WTF
country: Austria
year: 2023
running time: 96 min.


Although feminism is considered to be one of the most successful social movements of the 20th century, even today there is no consensus on which conception of feminism is the correct one. In this sense, Katharina Mückstein's feature-length documentary debut can be seen as a playful beginner's guide to feminism. Through colour, dance choreographies and a series of interviews with inspiring figures from a variety of fields – from sociology and psychology, biology and history to activism itself – the director introduces us to the basic approaches of the feminist movement and asks the fundamental yet still relevant and pressing question: why do we keep turning to a binary understanding of gender roles? What is the relationship between gender and capitalism? Why can't we be male and female feminists without taking race into account? And what do we actually want to achieve with feminism?

“My greatest personal wish for the development of the world would be for us to remember that “care” – i.e. caring for ourselves and the planet – is the most important human value. A patriarchal capitalist ideology has brought us to where we are now. We have forgotten to care for each other, and for the weakest and the most vulnerable, and to care for our habitat – and consequently we have developed in a direction that means we can’t survive. Feminism and feminist expertise are required to find a solution to the major issues of our day. Topics such as ecology, social justice, questioning capitalism as a superordinate system, patriarchy and gender justice can’t be considered in isolation; they’re all very closely intertwined.” — Katharina Mückstein



Austrian screenwriter, director and producer Katharina Mückstein (1982) studied philosophy, gender studies and then filmmaking under Michael Haneke at the Film Academy in Vienna. In addition to directing the award-winning feature films Talea (2013) and L'Animale (2018), she has been involved as a dramaturge, producer and screenwriter in several documentaries, including Three Farmers and a Son (2016) and Animals and Other People (2017).

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director: Katharina Mückstein
producer: Flavio Marchetti
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