28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Daily manure
Daily manure
Daily manure
Daily manure

Daily manure

director: Nikola Krutilová
original title: Hnůj vezdejší
country: Czech Republic
year: 2019
running time: 24 min.


Pigeons are sitting down on the roof of a dilapidated farmhouse; a truck is dumping old bread on a pile; cattle is running around among the cars at the scrapyard; goats are grazing in the vicinity of large shipping containers... The leitmotif of the documentary is the fact that unprocessed foods are used as fertilizers and feed material for livestock, and the film shows one of the forms of agriculture in the 21st century in a series silent prose scenes. The slow pace and cyclic variation of the same stylistic parameters evokes the poetics of decline and decomposition.

 “In the course of four seasons, I'verecorded a place where our overproduction ends up. A cemetery where leftovers devour the leftovers.  The never ending cycle of crestion and demise.” N. Krutilová


Nikola Krutilová studied cultural and social anthropology. In her films The Sphere of the Invisible, (2014) and Under Supervision (2015), she focused on the lives of civil servants. Together with Jan Kačena, she filmed the documentary The Perpetrator and the Bystander (2015) about the work of theatre director Petr Lébl, presented in the Czech Joy section at the Ji.hlava film festival. A year later, she filmed an experimental portrait of cameraman Petr Koblovský There Is No Edge.

more about film

director: Nikola Krutilová
producer: Ondřej Šejnoha
script: Nikola Krutilová
photography: Šimon Havel
editing: Lucie Hecht
sound: Viera Marinová
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