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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Like an Abortion, for the Very First Time
Like an Abortion, for the Very First Time
Like an Abortion, for the Very First Time
Like an Abortion, for the Very First Time
Like an Abortion, for the Very First Time

Like an Abortion, for the Very First Time

director: To Liu
original title: Ce kei﹑ngo jiu zan pou syun wo......
country: Hong Kong SAR China
year: 2018
running time: 102 min.


The Umbrella Movement was a wave of street protests that took place in Hong Kong from September to December 2014 as a reaction to oppressive practices of the Chinese government against the citizens of Hong Kong dissatisfied with planned changes in the electoral system. In her feature film debut, To Liu captured the citizens of the western part of Kowloon, Mong Kok, whose protests might not have been as visible as those of the leading activists, but were no less important. The documentary rhythmized by opening entries and darkening of the scene, much like the director’s first film, follows two characters, a master and an apprentice.

„'We are the fucking losers. But at least we fought', Mongkok people." T. Liu


To Liu (1984), a native of Hong Kong, studied scriptwriting at the Department of Literature, Beijing Film Academy, graduating in 2012. Professionally, however, she has embarked on the path of independent documentary film to capture events happening around her, particularly oppressive practices of Chine and their consequences. During her brief career, she has already made three made short/mid-length films and one feature film.

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director: To Liu
producer: To Liu
sound: Vincent Fung
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