28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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St. Catherine's Day

director: Lucien Le Saint
original title: Fête de la Sainte-Catherine
country: France
year: 1922
running time: 1 min.


St. Catherine's Day, Rue de la Paix, Paris, November 25, 1922
Every year, November 25 is celebrated in France as “Catherinettes’ day”. According to a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, 25-year-old girls who aren't yet married have to wear extravagant yellow-green hats in the hope of finding a husband.

The film captures several groups of young girls walking around and posing for the camera in the fashion houses of Rue de la Paix.

© Département des Hauts-de-Seine – Musée Albert-Kahn, collection Archives de la Planète

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director: Lucien Le Saint
producer: Albert Kahn
photography: Lucien Le Saint
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