28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Natalia Almada
original title: Users
country: United States, Mexico
year: 2021
running time: 81 min.


The birth of her second child made Natalia Almada think about the future. From this contemplation spawned an audiovisual essay not too far off from Godfrey Reggio's films — both through its poetic nature and the questions it poses. Society is advancing at a rapid pace and shifting further and further way from nature and man. How far are we willing to go on like this? And how much are we willing to sacrifice before we lose humanity altogether? This immersive meditation on the price we pay for technological advancement serves as a letter written to the director’s son, who’s destined to come of age in a world surrounded by modern devices, which only contribute to our isolationism and distract us from the countless urgent planetary and humanitarian crises.

"My hope is that the film slips into that experience is everybody is having and into deeper dialogues about that intimate relationship we have to technology and how it changes us in fundamental ways." (Natalia Almada)


Mexican-American photographer and filmmaker Natalia Almada (1974) also makes critical and personal live-action films and documentaries in which she reflects on Mexican history, politics, and culture, as well as on more general social issues. She’s the winner of many festival awards as well as the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Award.

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director: Natalia Almada
producer: Elizabeth Lodge Stepp, Josh Penn
executive producer: Sean O'Grady, Bill Stertz, Charlotte Cook, Tony Hsieh, Roberto Grande, Mimi Pham, Kathryn Everett, Bryn Mooser, Noah Kadner, Rune Hansen, Mónica Reina
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