28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Nora Wilkinson

country: United States
profession: Producer
institution: Freelancer
attending: 25. 10. 2023 - 29. 10. 2023
Nora Wilkinson (she/her) is a multimedia producer and nonfiction researcher. She was a co-producer on director Sam Green's 32 Sounds (Sundance 2022), a producer on the short documentary Annea Lockwood/A Film About Listening (Telluride 2021), and an associate producer on the Emmy®-winning short film Trans in America: Texas Strong (SXSW 2018), among other projects. She is currently working on feature docs with filmmakers Melissa Langer, Sam Green, Todd Chandler, and Lindsey Dryden. Nora has also worked on documentary series at VICE and RadicalMedia and at the American Civil Liberties Union, where she produced short films and a weekly podcast. Nora received her Master’s degree in art history from the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.
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