27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Matchmaking Accelerator

Ji.hlava IDFF offers an extended matchmaking service focused on individuals in the film business that seek new connections and networking opportunities.

Matchmaking Accelerator

The goal of the Matchmaking Accelerator is to help interconnect filmmakers and producers with festival representatives, distributors, and other film professionals.

Before the festival, film professionals accredited at Ji.hlava can fill in the application form and the Industry Matchmaker will recommend his/her meetings with experts representing various fields of film industry.

During the Ji.hlava IDFF 2022 edition, almost 100 experts were available and altogether over 500 meetings took place in the 4 days of the matchmaking service.



Matchmaking Accelerator is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.


Selected feedback from film professionals

"Very insightful and practical,
giving access to an array of industry professionals."

"An excellent opportunity
I had a pleasure to take part in."

"Perfectly organized meetings."

"The meetings were super well organised
and the team was very present, helpful, and friendly."

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