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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Reality TV

Reality TV opens viewers’ eyes to new television formats and presents the full range of current forms of crossover genres such as docudrama, docusoap, reality show, and mockumentary.

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Eight talented amateur jewelers undergo a unique trial: every week, they are given two tasks which they carry out in a specialized workshop in a Birmingham neighborhood renowned for its jewelry stores. They first task is to make a piece of jewelry based on their own imagination, the second one is to fulfill the order of a demanding customer. Only the most adept ones will make it to the finale.

All That Glitters

United Kingdom / 2021 / 64 min.
section: Reality TV
Two Belgian show hosts, Karen Damen and Ruth Beeckmans, opened a temporary dating agency. Their goal wasn't to take advantage of the peaking demand of singles for opportunities to find potential partners, they wanted to provide a different kind of service: to offer help with dating to young people with a mental handicap or condition.

Project Cupid

Belgium / 2020
section: Reality TV
Single Moms
There are over 195,000 households in the Czech Republic where children live with just one of their parents. In most cases, these single-parent families are pretty much run entirely by the mother figure, who must struggle to find housing, work, and money all while raising their children. Single Moms is a made-for-TV documentary that exposes the social issue of single parenting. The film focuses on three single mothers: Alena, Míša, and Lucie. During filming, they find themselves in difficult life situations that they must work to resolve. Míša is being evicted from her apartment because she can’t afford to pay rent and has no idea where she and her son will end up. Alena is forced to start moonlighting so she can support her three daughters and ends up struggling with her work-life balance in the process. And then there’s Lucie, who is relatively financially secure and happy with being single but begins to realize that maybe she misses having a significant other in her life.

Single Moms

Erika Hníková
Czech Republic / 2021 / 53 min.
section: Reality TV
World Premiere
This living history show isn't a survival contest. Instead, it follows eight experts who have taken up the challenge of living in wilderness the same way people did in the Stone Age. Their task is to establish a tribe, build a refuge, make primitive tools and live on whatever they can hunt or gather in nature. Are today's people able to survive in the same conditions our ancestors lived in 10,000 years ago?

Surviving the Stone Age

United Kingdom / 2020 / 46 min.
section: Reality TV

Wife Swap

Czech Republic
section: Reality TV
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