26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Game zone

Audiovisually but in a different manner. Formats that narrate and portray the real world while stepping out of the screen and building unique worlds through distinctive aesthetic principles. 


GAME ZONE can be found on the Masaryk Square in Jihlava. 

The ZONE is free entry and open daily. 


Unseen Empire


Unseen Empire is a deep trek into the lush jungles of Southeast Asia. By identifying more than 6 million animal species captured on cam by photo traps, the player will become familiar with rare and endangered species in an entirely candid way.


Svoboda 1945: Liberation


Svoboda 1945: Liberation is a unique blend of adventure gameplay and full-motion video interviews with real-life actors. Discover the secret history of your own family in a captivating story about reconciling with a dark past.




Proteins are present in all living things, even plants, bacteria, and viruses. Foldit is a game that uses various puzzles to show what a protein looks like. Players can design brand new proteins that could help prevent or even treat fatal diseases.




The citizen science game EyeWire challenges anyone, anywhere to help map out the mystery of the human brain.


Stall Catchers


Want to cure Alzheimer’s? Get in line.

Stall Catchers turn the hunt for a cure from frustrating to fun.




Phylo is a game that helps you decipher your own DNA by comparing various genomes. What seems like just a game at first is actually a powerful insight into molecular biology and the algorithms that can create genetic diseases.




An art game exploring the poetry of the landscape.


The Forest

The atmospheric immersion into the 8-bits-tuned forest


Across the Iron Curtain

(card family game) 

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