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24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Echoes of Ji.hlava IDFF in Bratislava

Echoes of Ji.hlava IDFF in Bratislava


Thursday, March 7, 2019

  • 3.30 pm / Enclosed World (Karel Žalud, Czech Republic, 2018, 60' / excerpt)
    Best Czech Documentary Filmy 2018 at 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF
    + Masterclass Karel Žalud (moderator: Filip Remunda)

    This four-hour documentary – a compilation of Czech Television’s eponymous series – systematically charts life in prison and the associated societal circumstances. Through looking at human fates, on both sides of the bars, it explores imprisonment as something that, although often addressed in the media, is something with which most of us have no personal experience. Using the powerful stories of several individuals who are at different stages of their incarceration, the film presents not only a cross-sectional view of the current correctional system but also contemplations about guilt, punishment, justice, and whether an individual caught in the gears of a repressive system can actually remedy their behavior and change.

  • 6.30 / Discussion: "Topography of Czech & Slovak documentary landscape"
    Marek Hovorka, Peter Kerekes, Eva Križková and Filip Remunda (moderator: Matej Sotník)

Friday, March 8, 2019

  • 4 pm / Vacancy* (Alexandra Kandy Longuet, Belgium, 2018, 80')
    * Best World Documentary 2018 at 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF

    The camera observes an American motel along the main highway – just the way many of us imagine the United States. We follow four people inside the room at night, where they have been living in a kind of private purgatory for several years. Their sins are drugs, crime, and bad decisions. The slow flow of scenes and the occasionally blurred image create an atmosphere of being out of time and out of place – which probably just where these four people, incapable of breaking free from the vicious circle of apathy, feel themselves to be. The four documentary portraits combine to form a picture of the depressing life of people nurturing a tiny flame of hope.

  • 6 pm / Selection of world and Czech experimental documentary films from 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF + Q&A with Anna Petruželová and Franz Milec

    • Blending and Blinding (Richard Tuohy, Australia, 2018, 11')
      * Best World Experimental Documentary 2018 at 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF
    • Pancoran (Richard Tuohy, Australia, 2017, 9')
    • JEAN LUC NANCY (Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Austria, 2018, 5')
    • 3 Dreams of Horses (Mike Hoolboom, Canada, 2018, 6')
    • Nutrition Fugue (Péter Lichter, Hungary, 2018, 4 ')
    • Apart (Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Czech Republic, 2018, 10')
      * Best Czech Experimental Documentary 2018 at 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF
    • The Weather of Time (Adéla Součková, Czech Republic, 2018, 7')
    • Buffer Zone Blues (Franz Milec, Czech Republic, 2018, 9‘)
    • puddles, I don’t know (Anna Petruželová, Czech Republic, 2018, 10')
      * Fascinations: Exprmntl.cz 2018: Special Mention at 22nd Ji.hlava IDFF


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