28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Ji.hlava for Kids

Yippee! Yeehaw! The time is coming when Jihlava will be threaded with a white line that will lead its befuddled visitors all the way down to us.

Ji.hlava for Kids

Ji.hlava for Children is a place where everyone and everything is happy to hear children shrieking at evening concerts, laughing and sometimes even crying at theater shows and stage readings in the afternoons. It isn't all screaming and madness though, there are also quiet moments over a cup of tea or coffee at Paseka Café. Nongrowth is a theme you can discuss over your beverage. The Vibes Inspiration Forum presents current issues to teenagers.

Ji.hlava for Children is expanding and evolving but never growing up. We put even more emphasis on its local aspect and the connection of the little festival to its location. Both local and out-of-town teachers run workshops for the smallest tykes as well as workshops for the more senior youngsters. Determined children can take part in ambitious multi-day workshops. They can try filming and editing in the filmmaking workshop while artists of the Free Podcast will record and edit sound.

The silver screen and the mini theater will screen not only children's shows and a collage of the best of Czech Television's children's channel but there's also a brand new Film Guide that will present directors and producers who will come in person to introduce their films to help you find your way around the documentary landscape. For children and their parents, we've prepared a selection of films you can see together at festival venues.

Ji.hlava for Children is free for both accredited and non-accredited visitors. In the program, children receive their festival accreditation and experience their own festival.

Due to limited capacities, it is necessary to register for workshops and commented tours in advance.

The Ji.hlava for Children program is in Czech only.

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