28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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100 Seasons
100 Seasons
100 Seasons
100 Seasons
100 Seasons
100 Seasons
100 Seasons

100 Seasons

director: Giovanni Bucchieri
original title: 100 Årstider
country: Sweden
year: 2023
running time: 104 min.


Director Giovanni Bucchieri was inspired by video diaries from the days when he was a young dancer at the Royal Swedish Ballet and fell madly in love for the first time in his life. With the help of over 25-year-old footage and live action sequences, he composes an emotional, partly true love story of two artistic soulmates. However, unhealthy ambitions and a desire for recognition interfere with their relationship. The protagonist's bipolar disorder then becomes the third character in the multi-layered story. During manic episodes, his experiences become more intense, the contrasts sharper, and the relationship also starts to get out of control. Love, however, prevails.

“It grew on me that I wanted to do a goodbye film, to have a proper goodbye I never had with everyone I ever loved, a goodbye not only from Louise, but also a cathartic goodbye from the world.” – Giovanni Bucchieri

Source: Cineuropa


Giovanni Bucchieri (1973) is a director, actor, choreographer, dancer, composer and singer. After working at the Royal Swedish Ballet and the Cullberg Company, he continued his career by alternating between all of the aforementioned professions. He has directed a number of short films. 100 Seasons is his feature debut.

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director: Giovanni Bucchieri
producer: Isabella Rodriguez, Daniel Oliva Andersson
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