28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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3/60 Trees in Autumn

3/60 Trees in Autumn

director: Kurt Kren
original title: 3/60: Bäume im Herbst
country: Austria
year: 1960
running time: 5 min.


3/60 Trees in Autumn is made up of static shots of treetops that Kren took while walking through the park. As in his other work, the length of the shots is controlled based on a carefully pre-arranged scheme, which sets the film’s rhythm and evokes its overall atmosphere, which is also supported by the effect of the dark tree crowns placed in contrast against the light sky.
“Kren views trees as an optical experiment and observes them with respect to their abstract value.” T. Trummer


The films of the Austrian filmmaker Kurt Kren (1929-1998) are often based on the geometry of the individual shots, the length and order of which are compiled according to a pre-set scheme. His other significant works include 38/79 Sentimental Punk (1979), shot at a punk festival in the United States, which was presented at the Jihlava festival in 2018.

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director: Kurt Kren
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