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5 Dreamers and a Horse
5 Dreamers and a Horse
5 Dreamers and a Horse
5 Dreamers and a Horse

5 Dreamers and a Horse

director: Aren Malakyan, Vahagn Khachatryan
original title: 5 Երազողները ու Չին
country: Armenia, Germany, Switzerland
year: 2022
running time: 82 min.


This poetic documentary shows the different faces of Armenia through several heroes and heroines, with their dreams and aspirations at the centre of the film's narrative. A 60-year-old hospital lift operator dreams of going into space, a man from the countryside seeks a bride, and two young queer girls want to live their lives despite homophobic sentiments. The directing duo treats their protagonists with respect and empathy, viewing their lives and dreams through the cultural background of Armenia. The whole country becomes the fifth dreamer.

“Aren Malakyan and Vahagn Khachatryan have created an elegant and mysterious feature debut about a complex and contradictory country where archaic traditions coexist with a generation of young adults who dream of revolution.” (Muriel del Don)



Aren Malakyan (* 1991) is from Armenia, where he studied at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Film. His graduation film Girl on the Moon (2015) received awards at numerous film festivals as well as the Armenian President's Award for Outstanding Cultural Achievement. Armenian director and producer Vahagn Khachatryan (* 1991) studied film in China, Portugal, Hungary, and Belgium. He has made several short films that have been screened at film festivals around the world. 5 Dreamers and a Horse is his feature debut.

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director: Aren Malakyan, Vahagn Khachatryan
producer: Vahagn Khachatryan, Eva Blondiau
script: Vahagn Khachatryan, Aren Malakyan
editing: Federico Delpero Bejar
sound: Jonathan Darch
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