26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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And What If?
And What If?
And What If?

And What If?

director: Gabriela Palijová
original title: A co když?
country: Czech Republic
year: 2021
running time: 7 min.


This eco-Zen meditation serves as an internal message on the state of the environment. Mother Nature is slowly dying; and she’s screaming softly and whispering loudly about humankind and how it has grown out of touch with its forest identity. But an emergency team of tree ninjas comes to the rescue. They resurrect ancient rituals and help fuel the fire of ancient wisdom to ignite a glimmer of hope. People must reinvent themselves, branch out, and grow internally. Only then can our blue planet become green again.

"And what if we're still alive? What if the trees are not actually trees, but the hands of people who’ve been buried alive?" (From the film.)


Gabriela Palivová is currently studying the first year of her follow-up master's degree at the Center for Audiovisual Studies at FAMU in Prague. She frequently likes to experiment in her work. Among her most notable works include A Flash of Humanity, In Melon Sugar and Guts.

more about film

director: Gabriela Palijová
cast: Gabriela Palijová, Matouš Janča, Miroslava Konečná, Jakub Voves
producer: FAMU
script: Gabriela Palijová
photography: Gabriela Palijová, Ondřej Skalák
editing: Gabriela Palijová
music: Gabriela Palijová, Anita Černá
sound: Anita Černá
výprava: Gabriela Palijová, Jakub Voves, Miroslava Konečná
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