28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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And Then We Marched

And Then We Marched

director: Lynne Sachs
original title: And Then We Marched
country: United States
year: 2017
running time: 3 min.


One day after the presidential inauguration in January 2017, the Womenʼs March took place in Washington D.C. Footage from the demonstration, shot with Super8 camera, is combined with archival footage of the protest marches from various moments in the US history. A visual whirl of the protesters᾽ faces and banners is accompanied by a childʼs voice which is trying to express as accurately as possible what it means to fight for oneʼs own rights.


Lynne Sachs (* 1961) is an experimental filmmaker and poet, a director of more than 40 films and the author of many installations, performances and web projects. In her work she explores the relationship between the close and the remote, the intimate and the public, the visual and the audio.

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director: Lynne Sachs
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