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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Jacques Perconte
original title: Albâtre
country: France
year: 2018
running time: 41 min.


Liquid landscapes, each one absorbed into the next, transform the screen into a painter’s canvas. The digital decomposition of images in live interaction with Carlos Grätzer’s music draw attention to the permeability between traditional and abstract painting as well as to the harmony between the fine arts, film, and music. Shots evoking Monet’s Impression, Sunrise, or Renoir’s secluded forest corners, break apart into a raster pattern and are transformed into a shapeless mass of colors that then grow into a new composition. While the impressionists depicted a static moment, Perconte captures a moment that is in constant motion.

"Albâtre reflects the desire I had to express the energy of this very special part of France where everywhere the wind carries the sea, where nothing is stable, and where I love so much to film: the coast of Upper Normandy between Le Havre and Dieppe." J. Perconte


Jacques Perconte (1974) is a leading figure in the French experimental scene and a pioneer of internet art. He works with decomposition of digital images using compression algorithms and codecs; his work blurs the boundary between film and fine art. The Ji.hlava IDFF premiered his films Patrias (2017) and Twenty-Nine Minutes at Sea (2017). 

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director: Jacques Perconte
producer: Martine Guibert
music: Carlos Grätzer
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