28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Helena Třeštíková
original title: Anny
country: Czech Republic
year: 2021
running time: 66 min.


The story of an aging prostitute who’s never down on her luck. Anny has three grown children, has been divorced twice, and works as a restroom attendant. At the age of 46, she pursues a career in street prostitution – a choice she makes on her own – all so she can spend more money on her grandchildren for Christmas. In true time-lapse fashion, Anny captures 25 years of a quirky woman’s life. This is the story of someone who always holds her head high and never hits rock bottom. She looks for love and defies bad luck and disease. She takes all of life's difficulties with a great sense of humor and practical insight. Helena Třeštíková began watching Anny in 1996 as part of the comprehensive film Pleasure Without Risk (CZ: Rozkoš bez rizika) about Prague prostitutes. After its release on Czech Television, she returned to Anny and filmed with her for another ten years.


Helena Třeštíková graduated from FAMU, majoring in documentary film directing. Since 1974, she has shot more than fifty documentaries of various lengths, mostly exploring themes of interpersonal relationships and various social issues. Over time, she specialized in the “collective filming” method, which involves tracking human destinies over a long period of time.

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director: Helena Třeštíková
producer: Kateřina Černá, Pavel Strnad
script: Helena Třeštíková
editing: Jakub Hejna
sound: Richard Müller
co-producer: Alena Müllerová
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