28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Poem 8
Poem 8
Poem 8
Poem 8

Poem 8

director: Emlen Etting
original title: Poem 8
country: United States
year: 1932
running time: 20 min.


Poem 8 is an attempt to use film as a medium for expressing the poetic art form. The film follows the same rhythmic structure of poetry and cadence of modern dance and uses heavily stylised costumes and aesthetic approaches to fine art. The absence of narrative and the melancholic nature of the frames create a meditative and aesthetically pleasing excursion into the author's subjectivity.


„I thought, how interesting it would be if we used the film in a different method. So far it had been used like a novel to tell a story, or else as a documentary and there was nothing else in between, and I wanted to use the film as a poetic medium.“ E. Etting


Emlem Etting (1905–1993) was an American painter, sculptor, and filmmaker. After studying in Switzerland, Newport, and Harvard, he worked until the end of the war in Paris. He devoted himself mainly to figure painting, making short poetic films, and, among other things, providing the illustrations for works by Franz Kafka and Paul Valéry.

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director: Emlen Etting
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